it all started in 2014. Frédéric Bürgi and Marc Frehner are the two creative minds behind UNE. they are both swiss by chance, designers by profession and nature-lovers by passion with a great joint expertise in innovation and design.

taking things into their own hands, even if that meant going the extra mile with heavy pieces of rock in their backpacks, the two founders built up UNE's technology, design and story from scratch.

finding the rocks and hand producing the ultra thin watch faces remains a pleasure the two founders still do themselves.


watchmaster Matthäus Friedli. his vast experience accumulated with major swiss watch manufacturers is a blessing for UNE. and he is an old friend too. the future is bright.


Celia Jimenez, vulcano of ideas. her raw talent has given fabulous international fashion brands a face. inspiration is her middle name.


Tobias Schäuble's digital talent and expertise make sure that handmade craftsmanship and natural beauty go online. that why you can see this in fact.


because the final product is what matters most to us we have started doing things ourselves or with local partners we know, work with and talk to personally. our UNE Family is a wonderful group of masters at work and a great mix of extraordinary skills. the way we work is logical, it's local and our new products are a lot more Swiss than just 'Swiss Made' as a result. we call it ' SWISS LOCALOGIC'.

It's our contribution to a no-nonsense world.

and it includes that every UNE goes from us to you, direct and without doubling it's price through the traditional sale channels in between, of course. because you are not just a customer. you are an UNE Friend.


UNE has mastered a unique technique to produce ultra thin layers of rock material for their watch faces.

every type of mineral needs to be cut at its own optimal thickness to reveal all of its beauty. a few hundredths of a millimeter can make an enormous difference.

finding the right parameters is an art that is continuously being evolved at UNEs‘ own manufacturing facility in Switzerland.